Eleonora Suhoviy and her team of consultants advise British and international families on independent school and university admissions. For students who already chose their subject and universities, there is guidance on how to compose memorable personal statements. Eleonora also offers individual consultations to answer any questions about UK education, discuss recent changes in the education system or consult on specific issues. 





Working with Eleonora

Independent Schools 

The journey always begins with a consultation with Eleonora or one of her consultants. This introductory meeting give international families the chance to deepen their understanding of the UK education system, while allowing consultants to find out more about their aspirations and what stage of school admission is most appropriate. Britain boasts some of the world's most renowned boarding schools attracting a global student base.  As a result competition for places is fierce, and candidates will struggle to succeed without an effective strategy to help them perform well in entrance exams and face interviews with confidence.

After initial testing to evaluate pupils’ knowledge, aptitude and potential in key subjects, Eleonora matches candidates to the most suitable schools and creates custom tuition programmes to prepare them for entrance assessments. She introduces candidates and their families to the admissions teams of leading boarding schools and guides them through the application process.

Higher Education

There are over 100 universities in the UK, ranging from ranging from world leaders like Oxford and Cambridge, down to the establishments that are hardly worth attending. With all of these higher education options on offer, decisions over both institutions and subject choices are understandably daunting.  To succeed, it is essential it is essential to hone in on exactly what makes a specific application both compelling and memorable. 

Behind every successful university admission there is an informed and credible long-term plan. Candidates not only have to identify their dream course and build up subject knowledge through wider reading, but they also need an application that testifies to their academic flair, intellectual curiosity, and capacity to excel in whichever new environment they find themselves in. Eleonora is able to advise students on suitable courses and universities and help them negotiate the intricacies of applications, entrance exams, and interviews. 

Personal Statement

A great personal statement is the foundation of every successful university application. This is the applicant's main opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors and communicate why they are the best candidate. While academic results reflect past achievements, personal statements testify to the present and the desired future. However, for many students writing a piece of critical self-reflection is a task they encountered long ago. It requires skills they have had limited opportunity to exercise. 

Eleonora meets with candidates to share and analyse examples of outstanding personal statements and to assess what makes them distinctive and interesting. The next step is to work out the best way of structuring the candidate's personal statement and decide whih content will best convey exactly why they love their chosen subject so much. 

Specialist Consultations 

Consultations with Eleonora offer an opportunity to use her extensive knowledge of the education sector.  Eleonora provides advice and analysis for individuals, institutions, and the media. These meetings can also be used to create an outline strategy for admission to institutions, and to discuss which student development programmes will best facilitate school or university application success whilst allowing us to address specific concerns.